In 22 days, we will take the field to start the 2017 season, to make a run at championship #11, but most importantly, we will raise funds to Uncover A Cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Last year during the First Annual Team Kayley night, we raised over $5,000. This year we will be raising funds by:

  • Hosting a silent auction 
  • Doing a Touchdown/Sack sponsor 
  • The ThunderBall Toss 
  • Ticket sales 

If you would like to help us raise funds for a disease that has no cure, please contact me at kayley@siouxfallsstorm.com!

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  • The Cure? -- New Documentary Film

    Dear Friends at Team Kayley,

    Thank you for the important work you do raising awareness and advancing the search for a cure for SMA.

    I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. We’re announcing director Artemis Joukowsky’s new film project today: The Cure? — The documentary has been developed over the past 4 months and is now launching a Kickstarter to fund the first round of production.

    You can find all the details in our media kit > https://medium.com/@craynovick/the-cure-a-new-documentary-film-by-artemis-joukowsky-4c2f194c78c5

    Having SMA himself, Joukowsky and his family have been involved in the search for a Cure as fundraisers, in clinical trials, and as disabilities activists. With this recent landmark in SMA research, Joukowsky believes that documenting the process of going through treatment and telling the story of the treatment’s development are critical for raising awareness and accelerating the breakthrough work that is already being done.

    Anything you are able to do to share this project with your network or contribute directly would mean the world to us. Let me know if you’re up for covering this landmark documentary project. Artemis Joukowsky and I are available for interviews, and follow-up questions.

    Thank you,
    Cray Novick, Producer

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