Stay Strong

Today’s update.. I don’t even know where to start.

This morning I got up and felt a lot of wetness under me, so I had my nurse look at my back and we discovered that my back had a clear fluid leaking out of it. Knowing it was probably spinal fluid we called the doctor right away and were informed to go to the ER.

My mom came home from work and took me to the ER and we spent the afternoon there. The neurosurgeon CNP was there and decided to staple my back shut where the leak was happening; that stopped the leak while I was laying down but then I got up in my chair it was leaking again. So the on call neurosurgeon was called and decided to restitch my back shut. As of right now my back is not leaking and we are home monitoring me.

Please pray that the leak completely stops soon and we can get back to normal!

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