It has been 2 weeks since my last update and figured it was time for another one!

First we’ll start out with some exciting/good news! My sister got married last week and I officially gained a big brother! It was a great time! Excited to see what the future holds for Ashley and Andre 😊 enjoy the beautiful pictures from their day courtesy of Prairie and Wild!

Now for me, I think my leakage has stopped! After we restitched my incision, the fluid was still leaking on the inside and was pooling by my incision. But I think the pooling has completely gone away which hopefully means it has stopped! Today I got my stitches removed 🙌🏼!

My second Spinraza injection was supposed to be today but it has been postponed. Not sure when the next one will be, hopefully next week.

🤞🏼 fingers crossed 🤞🏼 we are finally over all of the road bumps! On to getting stronger and seeing how Spinraza will help me!


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