About Team Kayley

Kayley has had an incredible upbringing of “fans” over the years—some of the most loyal of those fans being her closest friends since a very young age. Always supporting her dreams and uplifting her spirits in times of need, they truly have been the ultimate gift to her.

In 2012, a few of those close friends put their heads together to create a t-shirt that would bring light and love to Kayley’s eyes when people all around her were wearing these two simple, yet powerful words: TEAM KAYLEY. Not only having her best interest and hopes in mind, they also had a vision of raising awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (also known as SMA) locally and throughout the Midwest.

What they originally thought would be roughly 20 peers interested in this sketch of a t-shirt, resulted in over 130 people joining Team Kayley — family, friends, classmates and some even complete strangers. From that moment, they were already reaching out to so many hearts that maybe were not aware of Kayley’s story. With the first round of Team Kayley shirts being a huge success, Kayley and her friends donated nearly $500 to Families of SMA, a personal choice of Kayley’s.

Over the coming years, five more t-shirts have been created along with multiple sponsorships with local racing teams, including the Team Kayley logo on their racecars.

In June 2016, after becoming a part of the local Sioux Falls Storm organization, Kayley organized a Team Kayley night to raise even bigger awareness and reach out to a crowd of thousands of local Storm fans. Alongside her team, she was able to gift Cure SMA over $5,000 and also received the game ball from that evening. In 2017, the Sioux Falls Storm once again held a Team Kayley night where another $5,000 was raised for Cure SMA. 

In 2018, Kayley partnered with Laurie Belle’s Boutique for a private shopping party and Shop For A Cure event that was a huge success and raised $1,200 for Cure SMA.